MYKITA is one of the leading companies in the German optical industry. MYKITA’s sunglasses are world-renowned for their innovative technology, with a design that does not contain either screws or welds. Unique in its kind, MYKITA offers glasses that are extremely lightweight, durable and innovative in design.

Using modern materials and shapes, DITA sunglasses excel for their quality, appearance and perfect fit. They are a totally alternative fashion proposal with influences from classic eyewear shapes of the 50s and punk rock shapes of the 80s. They are handcrafted in Japan and use only high quality materials such as titanium, 18K gold, platinum and the best Japanese zyl acetate.

The famous fashion designer Thom Browne started in 2011 collaboration with the renowned luxury sunglasses house Dita in Los Angeles, and created unisex sunglasses inspired by architectural techniques, artistic shapes and the industrial design. All glasses bear the signature of Thom Browne with the characteristic red, white and blue strips. The frames of the glasses are made of high quality titanium that provides strength, lightness and comfort.

Completely handmade in Italy by skilled artisans, LGR glasses are made from start to finish using traditional production methods, offering authentic and time-resistant models. LGR glasses keep Italian values and heritage intact through the hard work of real people who have devoted their lives to this meticulous art. The technical virtues of the past are transferred in a unique way into the modern era of optics.

A brand which was born in 2010 by Garrett Leight (son of the founder of Oliver Peoples) with the vision of creating a brand that offers high quality handmade glasses with a fresh and youthful identity. All-times classic design styles with unique source of inspiration pictures, aesthetics, stories and everyday life in California.

Oliver Peoples was born in the heart of West Hollywood on emblematic Sunset Boulevard in 1987. Glasses of Oliver Peoples maintain a classic but also innovative approach, presenting designs inspired by vintage and retro-style influences. All collections are handmade in Italy and Japan using cutting-edge technology and high quality materials.

Unique in their kind, KUBORAUM sunglasses have as their exclusive design focus the concept of the mask. The mask is a shield, protection and shelter, releasing the personality and character of the wearer. All KUBORAUM models are entirely designed in Berlin and handmade in Italy.

Pioneer in the art of eyeglass design, designer Linda Farrow began in 1970 and immediately touched the top of the international jet set. Still standing at the cutting edge of fashion, Linda Farrow has designed some of the most all-times classic glasses, such as the legendary wraparounds of Yoko Ono. Today, the brand is known for its collaboration with some of the world’s most recognized designers (Dries van Noten, Phillip Lim, Jeremy Scott) and has established itself as one of the most fascinating in fashion.

French California-based designerAhlemManai-Platt hascreated Ahlemglasses,combiningunique classic designs withmodern details.Playingwithher Frenchroots, she gives each model a name from a location or neighborhood of Paris.Usingrare vintage materials from France and the finest modern materials from Italy,Ahlemglassesaremade exclusively inJuraFrance.Passionfordetail, beauty and functionality …

LINDBERG glasses are known all overthe world for theirminimaldesign.Their name is synonymous with countless awards for high-quality optics; it iscorrectly believed to manufacture the best suited seamless glasses in the world.Luxurious and stylish, LINDBERG glasses are extremely lightweight (just 1.9 grams),with a powerful and flexible titanium frame and a pioneering design without screws.

Chanel is known for its timeless luxury and high technique, which extends beyond clothes, including the highly sought-after sunglasses. Ranging from classic pairs with a famous stylish design to the edgy frames in a limited edition, Chanel has countless choices for every taste, transforming instantly every gaze into charm.

Céline’s sunglasses were originally designed in Paris in 1945 by Céline Vipiana and her husband. They have now become one of the most famous fashion houses in the world, influencing many renowned designers with their ready-to-wear, trendy style and femininity. Each pair of Céline sunglasses is a statement, as it expresses the essence of the woman of the 21st century. Frames are oversized, with smooth edges, well-defined lines and minimized logos.

A brand name that does not need any recommendations. Cartier sunglasses are great works of art, in which innovation is combined with top quality in the world. They frame the eyes in a unique way, turning this accessory into a jewel no one can quit. Original and sought-after models that totally reflect unparalleled perfection, as well as the rare passion for detail, which is a feature of the well-known French company.

Gucci sunglasses are globally known as a symbol of modern luxury and high status. They combine luxurious materials and innovative design with legendary quality and masterful construction, which are synonymous with the Gucci brand name. Glasses’ designs draw inspiration from Gucci clothing, with a ninety-year heritage in fashion design. Classic frames in modern lines, gorgeous oversized, unique aviators, all decorated with the distinctive luxurious details of the top fashion house.