About us

Beyond their obvious necessity to help us see, move, work ... glasses are also a unique means of expressing our personality. They reflect who really we are or how we want to be seen ... That's why I believe that a pair of glasses can -in a completely discreet way- project the best side of ourselves ...``

I. K. Papadopoulos

On “Optique Boutique by Papadopoulos” stores, modern fashion meets the ultimate eye care. For more than five decades, we have been discovering and carefully choosing optics collections from top designers all over the world. Incorporating new trends in fashion, cutting-edge technology and the latest materials, we ensure over time full satisfaction of each customer’s individual vision needs.

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The team of “Optique Boutique by Papadopoulos” offers you the possibility of

transferring and in-situ sampling of the glasses you wish at your place (villa, yacht, hotel).

Our fully trained staff is at your disposal -on appointment- to serve you.

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